Amor = Love. Welcome.

We love that you stopped by for a moment! Please stop into our retail locations to share in what makes our Aromas so lovable!

The African Place @ 581 N. Third St. Memphis, TN

Guilt Free Pastries @ 344 S. Main Street Memphis, TN



Questions? Answers.

Q: How much are candles?

A: All candles retail at $13.

Q: What size are they?

A: All candles are 11oz.

Q: What scents do you have?

A: Each location will have different scents at different times. Below is a complete list, though all these will not be in one location at the same time.

Apple Cinnamon, Berry Obsession, Buttercream Dream, Cranberry Mandarin, Endless Love, Eucalyptus, Hot Cranberry Tea, Lavender, Patchouli, Pink Sugar, Princess Jasmine, Pumpkin Pie, Vanilla

Q: Can we contact you?

A: Absolutely! Send us a message via “Contact us”, Facebook message, or Instagram message


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